Slow Fish

Slow Fish


  • Fish sold at the right price: accessible to the consumer, but also providing fair payment to the fish workers. 


  • Fish caught by artisanal and honest fishermen. We must help them keep the sector sustainable and resist pressure from industrial and pirate fishing.


  • Fish that has not been subjected to cruel practices, such as cutting off a shark’s fin then throwing the animal back in the water.

As things currently stand, it is very difficult for consumers to assess the ethical aspect of a product such as fish. Probably in the future a more efficient system of traceability and greater transparency will help us orient ourselves better. Knowing and choosing the origin of the fish that we eat will allow us not only to ensure the survival of species, but it will also let us boycott questionable practices, like foreign ships overfishing the waters that should be providing to whole populations—as along the coast of West Africa.