Slow Fish

Slow Fish

Guides to Sustainable Fish

Here you will find an updated list of sustainable fish guides produced by various organizations as part of international, regional, national or themed campaigns. These guides, some more detailed than others, all aim to make consumers more aware of the current state of marine resources.

These guides are often plagued by contradictions and are not always simple to use. The subject is incredibly complicated: Evaluating fish stocks, which are constantly moving through an immense space, is not an easy task. Moreover, the fish industry (fishing, processing, distribution) is highly globalized, making the traceability of fish products a very tricky issue. The complexity of these commercial pathways also encourages fraud and adulteration.

These guides, therefore, should be used within the context of a broader philosophy: the Slow Fish philosophy, developed in the sections Good, Clean and Fair Fish and What Can I Do?


Greenpeace: Red List

Environmental Justice Foundation: Consumer Guide to Prawns

Sustainable Sushi

Fischimhandy International Seafood Guide

incofish Species Information Service

To know more about farmed salmon, click here.

North America


Greenpeace: Red List

Greenpeace: Retailer Ranking

To learn more about farmed salmon, click here.

United States

Through its Seafood Watch program, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has developed three different guide formats: detailed fact sheets, Regional Seafood Watch Pocket Guides and a Sushi Guide.


The Environmental Defense Fund has produced a Seafood Selector, a Pocket Seafood Selector, a Sushi Selector and a Pocket Sushi Selector.


The Blue Ocean Institute offers a Seafood Guide and a Sushi Guide.


FishPhone is an SMS service run by Blue Ocean.


NOAA: Fish Watch


New England Aquarium: Ocean-Friendly Seafood Species


Greenpeace USA has drawn up a list of retailers who have adopted a responsible policy towards sustainable fish.


Fish2Fork: Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Guide and widgets



To know more about farmed salmon, click here.




Slow Food: Mangiamoli giusti (in Italian)


WWF: Conso-guide des poissons (in French, also available in Dutch)


WWF: Hva for en Fisk? (in Danish)


WWF: Meren herkkuja, ole hyvä! (in Finnish)


Greenpeace: Et ta mer t'y penses? and Pêche: Conduites Dangereuses (in French)

WWF: Guide de poche (in French)


Greenpeace: Fischerei (in German)

WWF: Einkaufsratgeber (in German)


Greenpeace: Guida ai consumi ittici (in Italian)

WWF: Sai che pesci pigliare (in Italian)

The Netherlands

De Noordzee/WWF: VIS wijzer (in Dutch)

Greenpeace: Maak Schoon Schap (in Dutch)

De Goede Vis (in Dutch)


Greenpeace: Przewodnik po gatunkach morskich (in Polish)

WWF: Jaka ryba na obiad (in Polish)

United Kingdom

The Marine Conservation Society has produced a Pocket Good Fish Guide, and Fishonline, an online and detailed buyer's guide to sustainable seafood

Fish2Fork: Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Guide and widgets


Greenpeace: Lista Roja (in Spanish)

WWF: Guía de consumo responsable de pescado (in Spanish)

Fish2Fork: Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Guide


WWF: Fisk till middag? (in Swedish)


WWF: Pocket guides in German, French and Italian

Asia and Oceania


Australian Marine Conservation Society: Pocket Guide

ABC: Thanks For All the Fish

Hong Kong

WWF: Sustainable fish guides in English and Chinese and online fish ID guide


WWF: Seafood Guide (in Indonesian)

New Zealand

Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society: Best Fish Guide



South Africa

The Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) offers a pocket guide, a database and an SMS service.