Slow Fish

Slow Fish


Terra Madre Documentary Channel: Robin Louise Alden and Ted Edward Ames delve into the abuse faced by century old fishing grounds in eastern Maine (USA) and the creation of fishing communities to protect the same.


Terra Madre Documentary Channel: Ian Perry Kinsey talks about the basic right to a livelihood by fishing, policies, and the future of existing and new fishers in Norway and beyond.


Terra Madre Documentary Channel: Dutch couple, Barbara Geertsema and Jan Rodenburg, on the challenges faced by small sustainable fishers such as themselves.




Terra Madre Documentary Channel: Kim Ley Cooper, a Mexican marine biologist from the Terra Madre Network, talks about the fisher community he works with.



Terra Madre Documentary Channel: Julio Chamorro, coordinator of the project that helped rebuild and manage resources in the tsunami struck Robinson Crusoe Island and Juan Fernandez archipelago.



Terra Madre Documentary Channel: Brett Tolley, a young 4th generation fisherman from Massachusetts, USA, on his role with the North West Marine Alliance and fishing in New England.



The documentary The End of the Line is the most exhaustive and disturbing film on the subject to date.


slideshow on small scale fishing communities has been produced by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity 


Ghosts in the Baltic sea: a documentary directed, produced and edited by Joakim Odelberg on the effects of ghost nets.


Custodians of the sea: a documentary produced by the Lighthouse Foundation on the difficult working and living conditions of fishing communities in Kenya.


FAO: Tomorrow’s Catch


Greenpeace: Seafood See Life 


FAO: Pirate fishing


FAO: Ecosystem destruction in Cambodia


Deep Sea Conservation Coalition: Deep Sea Destruction


Habitats and Fishing in the Gulf of Maine: A Tale of Two Sites (documentary on bottom trawling)


Greenpeace: Bottom Trawling


Oceans 8: Borderland (overfishing along the Croatian coast)


Media That Matters: One More Dead Fish (overfishing in Nova Scotia)


CNN: Sierra Leone Overfishing 


RAI 3: Mare Nostrum (in Italian)


 M6: Qu'est ce qu'un Panga ? (documentary on striped catfish – in French)


Watershed Watch: Aquacultural Revolution


Farmed and Dangerous: The Problem with Salmon Farming in British Columbia


Farmed Salmon Exposed: The Global Reach of the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry Jean-Michel Cousteau on the issues of commercial fish farming


Sharkwater (documentary about sharks)


Sundance Channel: Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno series


Al Jazeera English: Inside Story (CITES and bluefin tuna)


Chef Dan Barber in the TED conference "How I fell in love with a fish"