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Slow Fish: A Campaign to Understand the Oceans

The Slow Fish campaign presents Slow Food’s journey and offers pathways through this complex topic for anyone who wants to learn how to use common sense, curiosity and appetite to make conscious, delicious and responsible choices. Slow Food, with its strong local and international experience, is convinced that we can only bring about change by returning to the origins of food, putting curiosity and pleasure at the service of responsible choices.

Slow Food has been working in the field of sustainable fish for many years, raising awareness among seafood-lovers through the biennial Slow Fish event in Genoa and developing projects to support responsible artisanal fishing communities. The members of our network organize local initiatives all around the world.

The Slow Fish event is the most complete expression of our approach, with a large space dedicated to information for consumers, awareness-raising for children, encounters between people involved in sustainable fishing and of course, plenty of opportunities for tasting all the delicious seafood that the visitors have been learning about.

The international Slow Fish campaign promotes artisanal fishing and neglected fish species, and inspires reflection on the state and management of sea resources. To have any chance of success, this reflection must start at a local level.